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  • Vaseline (min 3 x 250g tubs)

  • Waterproof sun cream (highest factor possible)

  • Rubber gloves (to apply grease)

  • Bin bags for rubbish

  • Bottled water, 2L bottles

  • Ginger Nut biscuits

  • Dried ginger

  • “Sea Legs” anti-seasickness pills,

  • Fruit Sugar

  • Hot Chocolate powder

  • Tea bags

  • Ibuprofen (400mg tablets, not water soluble)

  • Paracetamol

  • Antihistamine tablets (Claratyn is good)

  • Sudocrem (1 tub)

  • Light sticks (5 min)

  • Large safety pins (5 min)

  • Swimming costume

What to bring

  • Large towels

  • A pairs of goggles

  • Silicone swimming hat

  • Warm blankets

  • Sleeping bag

  • Warm clothes and beanie

  • Water proof jacket (it is Scotland!)

  • Chocolate Swiss rolls or similar

  • Bananas

  • Selection of sandwiches (for crew)

  • Selection of pot noodles (for crew)

  • Plenty of food

  • White board with marker pens

  • Stopwatch

  • Mobile phone with plenty of battery life with all useful numbers

  • Chargers for phones, cameras etc

  • Waterproof throwaway camera for finish (optional)

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