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The Primary Supplier Of Pilot boats for scottish solo & relay swims.


The Loch Ness swim...

The day arrives. You are in Scotland making your way to Loch Ness. The start location of your swim will be from a small picturesque village called Fort Augustus, where we recommend you arrange your accommodation. The village is very popular with tourism and the swim season tends to coincide with the tourist season. Therefore it is highly recommended that you book you accommodation early. We do provide a short list of accommodation providers on our accommodation page to suit all budgets.


Fort Augutus does stock basic supplies. Inverness is about 40 minutes away will be the nearest place to obtain major supplies.


Your pilot will be in touch with you on the day before your swim to arrange a start time and discuss the weather forecast. It is vital that at this point you raise any concerns you have. Once happy you will verbally need to accept or decline the "offer to swim". If you decline this would result in you being put at the bottom of the list for the swim week. Your pilot will never offer you a swim should he/she feel that your safety will be comprimised.


After your phonecall you need to make all your final preparations. Check you have all your equipment, check you have enough food for your crew and plenty of food and liquids for yourself! Check everything.


At the agreed time, make your way down to the canal pontoons situated in the middle of Fort Augustus at the entrance to the Caledonian canal. You will see your pilot vessel moored up with your pilot and crew on board. Upon meeting your pilot you and your team/family will be given a full safety brief which is paramount.

After your briefing, you are welcome to bring aboard all of your equipment and provisions for the day. You will be made to feel welcome on the boat, and we encourage you to treat it as your own. It is recommended at this point that you work out how you are going to receive you drinks and food whilst swimming.


Once aboard and happy, your pilot will run through how the day will run, where he wants to be in relation to you in the water etc.


The time has come, you will hear and feel the engines start, the crew will cast off the lines and your pilot will move the boat out of the canal on to Loch Ness. After leaving the canal the boat will make a turn to port (left) and hold station off the shores of Loch Ness. Once in position, your pilot will give you the thumbs up to get in the water. It is ultimately up to you when you get in the water, it is your decision.


Once in, make your way to the shore and wade onto the land. When you give the pilot a thumbs up you may commence your swim. You're on your way to completing one of the worlds iconic swims! Good luck!

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