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The Primary Supplier Of Pilot boats for scottish solo & relay swims.

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Your pilot vessel


iPowerboat Ltd is currently in the prcess of aquiring a new pilot vessel for Loch Ness swims.


The boat will be to the highest standards and will certainly exceed your expectations.



Ryan Tozer

2017 / 2018

Escort boat & Pilot fees

iPowerboat Limited operate Loch Ness swims on a swim week basis, those of you whom have swum the English Channel will be familiar with this set up. As Loch Ness has no tide, our swim weeks commence every Saturday through to Friday. On a first come first serve basis you will be allocated a swim number from 1-4. Number 1 being the first person to be offered the swim for that week, 4 being the last. We allow for three days to remain spare in case of adverse weather. Please remember this when booking accommodation.




For a one way swim (applies to solo and relay swimmers)



For a two way swim (applies to solo and relay swimmers)

Managing Director/Lead Pilot

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