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The Primary Supplier Of Pilot boats for scottish solo & relay swims.

Swim Qualifier

In order to swim Loch Ness we require all swimmers to complete a qualifying swim. This is to ensure that you can physically handle Loch Ness on the big day.


A qualifying swim will only be accepted....

  • If it is completed in the same year as your Loch Ness swim.

  • If it is carried out in water temreatures between 6 - 15 degrees celcius.

  • It's duration is a minium of 6 hours for Loch Ness solo swims, and 75 minutes for Loch Ness relay swims.


We may ask for proof of this swim. Therefore it is recommended that you carry out this swim with an open water swimming coach. Whilst we do not insist these swims are carried out at specific places, we can provide you with a list of approved coaches for open water swimming.


It is important to inform iPowerboat of you qualifying swim results so that the pilot can anticipate your expected swim duration.

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