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frequently asked questions

1. How long is Loch Ness?

Approximately 23 miles


2. How long is it likely to take?

This of course depends on your own ability and fitness. The average is 11-12 hours.


3. What sort of sea conditions should I expect?

Well Loch Ness is fresh water, so it does vary from the sea. However due to its size and length the waves can certainly become daunting. Your skipper/pilot will make the decision if it is safe to swim.


4. Where do I start and finish?

You will start on the most southerly end of Loch Ness at a small village called Fort Augustus, and will finish at the most northerly end which is known as Loch End.


5. What is special about Loch Ness?

It’s cold, the water is very murky, it is over 200m deep for nearly its entire length, it holds the single greatest volume of freshwater in the UK. It also is rumoured to have an ancient mysterious monster known as Nessie.


6. What will it all cost?

The current price (2016) for a Loch Ness swim stands at £1999.00 inc VAT for a one way swim.


7. What will I get to prove my Swim?

You will be given a FREE Loch Ness Swim t-shirt, which are only issued by iPowerboat. You will also receive a certificate of completion.


8. I have been given position 3 on the swim week, what does this mean?

When you book a swim, you will be given a swim window, (which is the optimal window).......lets say the 12-17th September and you will be given a swim position......let’s say number 3.  If the weather is good and swimmers get away as anticipated, you will get your turn (3rd swimmer) on the 14th or 15th September, but what if the weather is not suitable?


You must understand that these dates and this position are flexible and not set in stone.  It will be your pilot's aim to give you the very best chance to swim and you in turn, will need to be flexible. You will need to be guided by your pilot, who will want to get you across, but only if there is a reasonable chance of achievment.  So arrive early and give yourself lots of time, do not arrive at the last minute and do not book your return ticket for the day after the dates you have been given.  If you do, you could be going home on that perfect day for your swim. It is very much a question of waiting patiently for your good day.


9. What temperature is the water in Loch Ness?

During the Swim season (July to September) you may expect the temperature to range from 7 - 12 degrees Celsius. July starts off cold..... August has the best of it..... September can cool off quickly if the air temperature drops! In the summer months it doesn’t really get dark for long at this latitude, so be prepared to possibly swim very early in the morning.


10. Is there accommodation available locally?

Yes, iPowerboat can provide you with a document that has a variety of accommodation providers.


11. What about Feeding, during the Swim?

Don't forget to bring adequate supplies of your preferred food and refreshment. You are advised to try out several different ways of taking refreshment from a helper - by cup, by bottle/squeeze-pack etc. Handed directly to you (without direct contact!), from a feeding-pole and cup, by bottle on a line, so that you are prepared for most eventualities.

12. Do I need to use Grease?

Most Swimmers use Grease. Some cover themselves liberally to keep out the cold as much as possible... others just apply Grease to the 'rubbing' areas (neck/shoulders, arm-pits, groin, etc). Grease ('Channel Swimmer's Grease') is now very difficult to obtain locally and you should experiment to find out what is most suitable for you and be prepared to make up your own blend.


13. Are all Swims done in daylight?

You should be prepared to swim in twilight, (or in the dark) for part of your swim. Bring (or arrange) a supply of 'Light-Sticks', we recommend at least 3, for further information


14. What should I bring with me?

Goggles, Spare Cap, Swimming Costume is handy, Spare Clothing, adequate towelling, blanket or sleeping bag, food, light sticks, grease... (This is by no means a complete list!!). Come well prepared, with plenty of old warm clothing and refer to the swimmers checklist. There is no shortage of space on the boat, but be prepared for things to get very wet.


15. What is a 'Standard' Swim Costume? Can I use the modern Swimsuits?

A Standard Loch Ness Swim must be accomplished without assistance of any kind other than the provision of nourishment - and Pilotage! You are restricted to a 'Standard' Swim Costume, A 'Standard Swim Costume' (for both sexes) shall be of a material not offering Thermal Protection or Buoyancy and shall be Sleeveless and Legless: 'Sleeveless' shall mean the Costume must not extend beyond the end of the shoulder onto the Upper Arm; 'Legless' shall mean the Costume must not extend onto the Upper Leg below the level of the Crotch.


16. Can I take my own assistants / friends / supporters with me?

Yes, by prior arrangement with us - according to our discretion and the numbers permitted by the commercial license of the vessel.  However, be advised that few assistants / friends / supporters are good sailors and seasickness is very unpleasant.


17. Do I need sports insurance?

You are very strongly urged to get as much protection as possible. Sports, accident, life, property and other insurance are your responsibility and are very strongly recommended. Unforeseen accidents are a real possibility. A Loch Ness swim is extremely demanding on your energy and your mental determination.


18. Whose decision is it to commence a swim?

Remember that on the day you choose, it is FINALLY YOUR DECISION, as to whether you embark on a swim or not, don't blame the pilot, you are not being bullied, cajoled or persuaded, your pilot is only offering you his best judgement and considered opinion, no-one is stopping you from obtaining a second, third or even a fourth opinion. You have the right to say NO, until you jump in and then you are committed. If you decide not to accept the pilot's advice you must be prepared for him to offer the opportunity to another swimmer.


19. Do I need a medical?

Yes. iPowerboat Limited require you to complete a medical, health and fitness declaration. This is to be completed by you. However should you have any worries, then please do consult your General Practitioner. You must complete your medical on or after the 1st January of the year you have chosen to swim, and at least one calendar month before your swim week commences.

The medical declaration will be sent out to you after you have made your initial booking.

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